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Hello everyone!

That time of year is fast approaching, please put in your orders for Tourtierre

It is now Mandatory to wear a Mask in all indoor public places.  Thank you


Today - Dec. 1

We have opened our tables for customer to sit in: unfortunately we have rules we must impose.  Only 2 per table, it will still be disposables and there will be a garbage can for you to dispose of your disposables.  I have put up curtains, this way I can still have customer come in for take out.  We will be asking you to remain at the table until it is safe for you to leave, keeping your 2 meter distance. I want to thank everyone in advance for following the rules so we can continue to serve everyone.



Shop online or give me a call for delivery details!


Soup Today


Beef Barley with Bun

Pies of the Day


Muffins of the Day



Gluten Free Blueberry

Stay safe and have a great


Hope to see you at the shop!

- Rita

Healthy frozen food for take out or delivery

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Healthy frozen food for take out or delivery